It ain't easy! w/ Bill McCleskey

If you thought achieving your dreams would be easy, you’re still living in a fantasy world. This is not kindergarten. You’re grown now. Let me give it to you straight.There are no handouts in life. The price for success must be paid up front and in full. You cannot put success on a credit card. It demands cash everyday. This is not Walmart and there is no layaway plan. This is not Burger King where you can have it your way. This is a journey which requires grit, hustle and consistent pivot. Deal with it.

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Commitment is required to achieve any massive goal. And most people will never commit to anything. We live in a society where our commitment muscles are super flabby. New Year’s resolutions become a few weeks of going after it. Half of all marriages become a joke. And setting goals that require discipline have turned into fun vision board parties. I’m here to tell you after the vision board party comes the journey of 1000 steps. After the wedding, there’s a marriage. And after the Ball drops on December 31st, there’s a new year waiting for your grind. Make the decision now to become ultra committed to your goals. Decide up front that no distractions will get you off track. Reflect on your past mistakes and deviations. Determine how you will avoid those traps and set a plan to progress like never before.

Commitment is doing what you said you would do, long after the mood in which you said it in has left you.

A vision party is fun. You’re excited to cut out pictures of your dreams and goals. You want a six pack and you know how it would make you feel if you achieved that level of health and vitality. But 3 weeks later, when it’s raining and cold outside, going to the gym can easily be put off. It’s easy to negotiate with yourself about why you’ve been consistent and to give yourself some slack.

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But I’m enticing you to become obsessed. Yes, obsessed. If you really are committed, this is not a game! Become a different person and step up your commitment to yourself. Successful people and the unsuccessful have something in common. They both don’t always feel like doing the things it takes to become great. But those who attain success find a way to get themselves to take action anyway. Get yourself to take action despite your feelings. Your goals don’t care about what you’re feeling emotionally. Make it happen anyway.

I am always surprised at the grand results from something to which I am 100% committed. But then again I’m not surprised simply because I know the principle. Commitment is the gateway to maximum achievement. Discipline pays Dividends. Building your discipline muscle will absolutely change your life. I work on this daily by doing simple things like eliminating meat from my diet for a month, drinking water only for a week or not watching the news. The stronger my discipline and commitment muscle, the more success I know I can attract.

Take away: Don’t be like most people who float through life in reaction mode. Commit to design your life and make no excuses about staying the course. Develop the philosophy that you either win or you learn. There are no failures. Move forward with confidence and gusto. The world needs your example.

Where are you on the discipline and commitment scale? Are you getting yourself to take action daily on your goals? Have you put yourself in an environment conducive for success? Challenge yourself to become more. Your only competition is you. Become a better you everyday and you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish within a short period of time.