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GOYA: GET OFF YOUR ASSETS is now available online. GOYA details Bill McCleskey's journey of making the transition from employee to entrepreneur and succeeding. More than ever, people are looking to take the leap and go full time as entrepreneurs. 

In GET OFF YOUR ASSETS, McCleskey explains that entrepreneurship is not about a product or service. It’s about becoming a different person. A better person. The best version of yourself. “If you are willing to grow through the pain, you might have a shot,” McCleskey adds. “If you are willing to grind when you’re tired, there’s hope for you. This entrepreneur journey is not for the faint at heart. It will chew you up and spit you out without even thinking. However, your will inside is the only thing that will determine your ultimate path.”

For more information about GET OFF YOUR ASSETS, visit GOYABOOK.COM

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Bill McCleskey is the founder and CEO of Mitech Partners - a tech startup that enables any business in the US and IT Firms shop, order and get tech support for business Internet and Voice service in one platform. Within its first year in business, Mitech attracted 300 clients like Holiday Inn Express, Farmers Bank & Trust and Zaxby's. Mitech now boasts of more then 1200 clients and 200+ sales affiliates throughout the United States.


#TGIFwithBill is a weekly video series aimed at entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to take their business or career to extraordinary results. Each video ranges from 1-4 minutes and covers a multitude of success principles. Bill McCleskey conducts these short videos weekly either in his car while driving, in his office or in US cities based on his travel schedule. For more information, visit

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Mitech-IT is a platform for IT Consultants and Technology Firms. This tool enables IT experts to fill in the gaps where their business doesn't maximize revenue. For example, some IT Firms may specialize in managed services and not offer a break/fix model, software programming or equipment purchase. Mitech-IT covers every facet of IT and is able to accept referrals from consultants; thereby paying a commission for closed business. This partnership adds a revenue stream to the Consultant's business. For more info, visit

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Soon, any business is the United States will be able shop and order business internet, voice and TV service between 100+ carriers in one platform, saving valuable time and money. Consider it the ' of Telecommunications.' #GameChanger

BlackTechAcademy.png is a premier platform for professionals to engage in and take online courses to learn skills and further develop as professionals. Courses include learning coding languages, business development, networking tactics and more.