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“We’re going to suspend you with pay pending an investigation..” were the words I heard come from my Sales Director’s mouth. He looked me right in the eye with a sense of disappointment. I really liked Brian who had been my previous manager. Since he had been promoted to Director, I didn’t have too much communication with him on the daily but I realized he was definitely a company guy. He followed directions very well. And my track record for following directions was not so good. In fact, it was horrible. Of course this didn’t start at the Fortune 25 Company where I was making 100k+ working barely 30 hours per week with every perk in the book. It started long ago in school when teachers told me I was troublesome and needed to learn to fall in line. I fell in line alright. But on my own line, in my own lane, on my own time, at my own pace.

The suspension with pay was a joke to me. I couldn’t initially understand why a company would suspend an employee and still pay them. Of course considering the legal ramifications, later on I did understand. But at the time, this was simple. The corporate giant found out that I had started a similar company in the same industry as a side hustle. The truth is I wanted the side hustle to become my full-time gig. Even though I made above average income in the corporate arena, I knew with the right sweat equity I could grow my income 10x and more within a few short years.

I felt terrible. Brian looked at me almost with sorrow. And for some reason I felt sorry for him because it seemed he would never know what I knew or feel what I truly felt; which is that true freedom is living in your purpose on your own terms. I wasn’t born in a box nor did I intend to live in one. I had clarity. I knew my truth. So I decided to quit.

The next business day, I came back to the office with 3 letters of resignation. One for John (manager), one for Brian (Sales Director) and one for HR. I had resolve. My mind was so made up I didn’t even want the compensation that would be paid to me while suspended. Save your time, I thought. I made it easy for the powers that be. I’m out!

I briefly spoke to Linda, the receptionist up front who always knew everyone’s business and was a good friend. I told her what I was doing and she was nothing short of shocked. But three years later, she was so happy to see a featured article about my company in a major news publication telling our story of nearly 1M in revenue, a national presence and a thriving disruptive brand.

Most of my colleagues back then thought I was crazy for leaving such a plush job. Close friends thought I had screwed up, again. My parents just shook their head and probably thought ‘here we go again.. This bright child of mine can’t keep a job.’ My girlfriend at the time even told me just when I was taking a step forward, this situation forced me 2 steps back. She eventually came around though. But not because of what I said; only because of what I did.

I kept telling myself it’s better to show people why you did what you did rather then tell them. And so the next 3 years consisted of me putting in the work. Working 9 days per week, 30 hours per day. Putting the sweat equity in. Making no excuses. So what I’m tired! Get to work. So what I have a headache! Make it happen.. You’re hungry? And? I had a legacy to build, people to prove wrong and a company to build that would impact change. I had full custody of my then five-year old son. I had absolutely everything to lose.

Some days I would make over 100 calls to potential clients and partners trying to set up meetings. I would go to every networking event I heard about and meet potential referral partners. I would be so exhausted some days, I would literally faint on my couch only to wake up an hour later thinking ‘I need to make some calls!’ But I knew I had to win.  I knew if I wanted the results I knew were possible, I had to be unreasonable. And I haven’t stopped being unreasonable since.

Now with a network of nearly 200 referral partners, multiple team members and over 1000 business clients from California to Florida (and everywhere in between) we earn residuals on monthly, Mitech Partners is making an impact not only in our industry but in the psychological makeup for change. The psychology for being unreasonable.