As an entrepreneur, author of GOYA and master sales professional, I have spent 10,000+ hours studying and working to become cutting edge on building effective and efficient sales systems for any business.

I believe I can help any small business double sales within 6 months. I am confident primarily because I have done this through my own company year after year by following 2 main principles:

  • Structure + Discipline equals Dividends
  • Create, Sustain, Advance Momentum, Repeat

Interested in learning more? I am excited to speak to groups about sales growth and/or entrepreneurship. Here are topics and workshops available for booking:

  • GET OFF YOUR ASSETS (Session includes the book, GOYA)
  • Double Sales in 6 months
  • Building Momentum for Long-term sales success
  • Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur 
  • Networking One oh One
  • Don't Chase Success, Attract it! - #BeDoHave
  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Biblical Principles for Entrepreneurs
  • Life is not like school (Graduation topic) 

Let's discuss! Booking info below:


p: 615-934-3903

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