with Bill McCleskey

It's Saturday! Are you working? Get Off your Assets and make the dream you so clearly detailed on your vision board a reality. Don't be distracted by the fact that most people take a chill pill during the weekend.

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Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean your dream is on hold. Your goals don’t care that you’re tired or have a gala to attend. The world is waiting for you to push through perceived limitations and prevail. Let’s get it! 

The Grind Includes Friday is just a mindset, not a focus on one day of the week to grind. The Grind includes Saturday too.. and every other day of the week.

If your goals don't wake you up early and have you staying up late working even though you may be exhausted, I would argue they are impotent goals. Set an objective that uncovers your passion has you obsessed with performing extraordinary and rising to the top. 

I'm signing off as Bill McCleskey before I hit the gym this morning. It's leg day. Am I excited? Barely. Will I get it done? Most definitely!

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